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Are you professional photographers?

Yes, we are professional, full-time wedding photographers.

Are you qualified?

Yes, though we don't see this as an indication of skill (there's more to this than passing exams)! Rachel qualified as a Licentiate Master Photographer with the Master Photographers Association and holds a Diploma in Photography Practice as well as a Diploma in Freelance Photography. Dave taught Rachel the technical side of photography and both are self-taught in the main. We have over 22 years of experience between us and can confidently say we know how to take a picture, with or without qualifications to prove it.

What is your style of photography?

We love reportage wedding photography, which means we capture you and your guests at your most natural to record a real-life account of your day rather than focusing on heavily posed, time-consuming shots. This, when balanced alongside a more traditional style of wedding photography, allows us to capture all kinds of moods, emotions and moments for you to look back on.

How long have you been in business? 

We established Taylor Made Photography in 2005.

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

We use a range of Canon cameras, telephoto and wide-angle lenses. We will come armed with several cameras, as well as plenty of back-up batteries, memory cards, flash guns etc., so are well prepared for the unlikely event of equipment failure.

How do you tend to work?

Reportage style goes hand in hand with being very discreet – our aim is to ensure that you and your guests don’t actually realise that photographs are being taken at all (aside from traditional/social group shots of course). We use long lenses so that we can keep our distance from guests, who can enjoy the day without feeling watched. This is of particular importance to us because the less noticeable we are, the more relaxed you and your guests will be and this will be reflected in the beauty of your wedding pictures.

Will our photographs be personal to our day?

Each wedding is unique, each venue is different and each couple responds in their own way to the camera. You are bound to have an idea of the kind of photographs you prefer and we will very quickly ascertain how best to photograph you and your day. By its very nature it will be completely personal to you.

We are a bit camera-shy!

Please don't worry! It's very common to be uncomfortable in front of the lens and we are used to dealing with this issue. We aren’t fond of having our photograph taken either so we completely understand! You will be very busy on your wedding day, so most of the time you will be unaware that you are being photographed and we work in a discreet manner so you won't feel you have to perform for the camera. Just enjoy yourselves and we'll do the rest. For more staged photographs we tend to take photographs just before and just after you think the ‘actual’ photograph is being taken, which means that the results are very natural even if you feel you look rather tense! The main thing is that with our expertise you are bound to forget we are even there and you'll have a collection of stunning photographs that depict you as you really are on your wedding day.

Can we have a say in the photos you take?

Yes of course! We recommend that you spend some time considering the kind of photographs that you would like us to take. For your convenience we provide you with a list of suggested wedding photographs. If you have any particular shots in mind, such as romantic poses, fun shots or particular groups of people, please do let us know before your day so that we can keep things running smoothly for you and your guests. Equally, on the day itself feel free to make as many spontaneous suggestions as you wish. This often brings the best results, as you and your guests will be photographed 'in the moment'.

Can our guests take photos of group shots too?

We actively encourage it! We will give plenty of opportunity for your friends and family to take photographs and we’re more than happy for guests to take photographs at the same time as us.

Will you visit our venue/s before our wedding day?

If you’d feel reassured by showing us your venue in person we’ll be only too happy to plan a visit with you. We are very familiar with a large number of wedding venues so can advise on some great ideas for photographic opportunities.

Are travel costs included?

We charge no travel costs. There are no hidden charges in any of our wedding packages. Sometimes if we are to attend a wedding that is more than a 3-hour drive away, we may ask for a nominal fee to help towards fuel charges, and in certain cases we may require a hotel - but this will be discussed on booking.

What happens if you get stuck in traffic?

We always leave plenty of time for our outward journey to eliminate the risk of delay. We always arrive a little early for your peace of mind. If we are involved in an incident we will telephone your nominated contact/s to advise them of the situation. For this reason we will ask you to provide us with two emergency contact numbers before your wedding day.

The Bride is likely to be anxious while ‘getting ready’.

It’s perfectly normal for a bride to be anxious on her wedding day. We will work around how you are feeling on the day but you will find that your preparations keep you busy enough not to realise you are being photographed. We’ll focus on the details first – shoes, dress, flowers, jewellery etc., so that you get used to having the camera around, and when you’re ready we can turn our attention to you. If you'd prefer not to have getting ready photographs, that's fine.

Will you photograph our ceremony?

If your ceremony venue permits, yes. Most venues understand that ceremony photographs are important - we normally find we are permitted as we are so discreet and respectful. If we are granted permission to photograph your ceremony we will take photographs only at opportune moments - during natural pauses and not during key moments of your ceremony - so as not to be a distraction. We find that churches tend not to permit flash photography but our cameras and lenses are very fast and we can still capture those special moments for you. It is always worth checking with your venue, of course, and letting them know in advance that your photographer is particularly discreet, does not move around during the ceremony and does not take photographs while vows are being said - this usually helps to have permission granted.

Will you organise group photographs?

Traditionally it is the ushers' role to organise guests and to keep your day running smoothly and it would be very helpful if they are primed to help organise group photographs because they're likely to know who’s who. This helps to make sure that guests are not kept waiting and everyone will have more time to mingle. If your Best Man or one of your Ushers has a strong voice it would be appreciated for him to make announcements, but if not, we are happy to do so.

What if it rains? Will our wedding photographs be ruined?

Being in the UK does of course increase the chances of rainy weather. It is adviseable to prepare for this by bringing bridal umbrellas, requesting that your guests bring their own umbrellas, and consulting your venue/s as to what happens if it rains on your day. If it does rain, we will decide with you as to where group photographs may best be taken. Lounge areas, sofas, stair cases, conference rooms, marquees, fireplaces, bridal suite etc., all present great opportunities for photographs during a rain storm. Please bear in mind that due to the amount of room we have to work with if we are forced to head indoors, the larger group shots may not be possible. Our advice is to not let the rain dampen your spirits - your wedding day will be wonderful, no matter what the weather decides to do.

What if things run late?

It is completely normal for weddings to run a little late – this is not a problem. If things look like they are going to run very late, we will discuss with you as to whether you would like us to stay on, at an additional charge of £50 per hour.

Can we add hours to our package prior to our wedding day?

Yes, additional hours are at a charge of £50 per hour and this is normally agreed before your final balance is due.

How long before we can see our wedding pictures?

Your photographs will be available for viewing on a password-protected gallery area of our website within a week of your wedding day. During the busy wedding season it may take a few days longer. We will contact you via email with a link to your wedding gallery. You may then forward this to friends and family.

Can we print our own photographs from our wedding disk?

Of course! They are yours to do with as you wish. We will supply your images in high resolution, JPG format, specifically so that you can print your own copies again and again – so feel free to print them, publish them, upload them, put them into an album, make your own photobooks etc. We hold official copyright of your wedding images as outlined in our terms and conditions area of our booking form but you have full permission to use your wedding images in any way you like. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

How many images will we receive on our wedding disk?

We don't believe in limiting the number of pictures you receive from your own wedding day - therefore you will receive hundreds of unique wedding images, depending on the length of time we are with you. From experience, this means anywhere between 250 and 800 wedding pictures. All images will be processed and sorted accordingly.

Will you design our photobook? Can we see the proof?

Not only can you see it but you will have full control over it! We are unique in this area. We will design your photobook proof using the images we feel best represent the story of your wedding day. We will then send you a downloadable proof and you can request any changes you wish us to make. Whether your package includes a coffee-table photobook or a luxury GraphiStudio photobook, only when you are 100% happy with your photobook design and layout will it be sent to print.

Can we personalise our photobook?

Yes, there are lots of different upgrades to choose from (covers, paper, storage options etc.) and we will go through these with you before your photobook goes to print.

Do you keep copies of our wedding pictures?

We hold three independent digital back-ups of your original wedding images in their RAW state (original high resolution). We do our utmost to ensure that your images are protected for you during the time they are guaranteed (365 days from the date of your wedding) and we keep multiple copies of your images indefinitely. We cannot guarantee your images after the 365 days has passed so we recommend you make multiple copies your end.

Is there a wedding contract I can look at?

Absolutely – please contact us to receive a copy of our booking form via email.

Do you have professional business insurance?

Yes, we hold professional public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

If I book now, will the price ever change?

No. The price you agree to pay at the time of booking is the price you will pay when your final balance becomes due, no matter whether you book our services years in advance. This applies to any products you add to your package too. The price you see stays the same and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Can we book you without meeting you first?

Lots of couples do and we’re very flattered indeed! Just check with us as to our availability on your wedding day and if we are free we’ll reserve the day for you with pleasure. All we need to secure your booking is a deposit of £100 and a completed booking form, which we will email to you.

What happens after we’ve booked?

We’ll keep in touch with you from time to time via email, just to let you know that we haven’t forgotten you and that we are here to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us as often as you wish too. Around two months before your wedding we will be in touch to confirm all the details, and once these have been finalised we will send you your final invoice.

When does the final balance become due?

The balance becomes due around one month before your wedding day. If you wish to stagger your payments you’re more than welcome to do so via standing order.

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